Sharine Taylor is an Afro-Jamaican Toronto-based creative, writer, editor and academic. 

She is currently an editorial intern at Noisey and is on the final leg of pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in the humanities, majoring in media studies with a double-minor in political science and sociology. In addition to editing, she pens poetry.

With a body of academic and freelance work centred around intersectional analyses of Jamaica's cultural production, Black identity, Black womanhood and media (mis)representations of Black and Afro-Caribbean bodies, she ensures her work applies an anti-colonial, anti-opressive and anti-racist framework.

In her free time, she enjoys tweet-ranting about cultural and diasporic experiences, rap, hip hop, dancehall, R&B and Toronto's independent music scene. Outside of writing and editing, Sharine is the co-founder of ENUF, an arts-based collective for women of colour.