the carib aisle

imagine you're in a grocery store searching for a drink to quench your thirst. you could get some refreshing coconut water, a bottle of tangy Ting or a can of delicious pineapple juice. you want to choose one but even amongst those beverages, there are so many options to choose from. you decide to reach for a brand and flavour that you never tried before and it sweet yuh suh till. this is what the carib aisle is modelled after: finding the gem amidst a range of diverse options.

the carib aisle wants you to reach for the unknown before because we tell the narratives outside of what's familiar.

the caribbean is beyond the lush beaches, luxury resorts and take home souvenirs that often dominate its visual landscape. the culture, history and traditions are what colour the land that its people are on and the carib aisle is dedicated to diving into the untapped cities and sites within the region to share exactly what's on its vibrant palette.