radio & podcasts

ybility podcast - s3, s6: see you at the top (2018)

kreative kontrol - ep. #381: anti-black racism, anxiety , & the arts panel with sydanie, sajae elder, dr. keith cunningham, sharine taylor and coko galore on long night  (2018)

cbc the current - drake's global sound under fire for cultural appropriation (2017) 


ctv news - university of Toronto gets ready for graduation ceremony today for black students (2017) 


flare magazine - anyone can participate in caribana, and maybe that’s a problem (2018)

toronto caribbean newspaper - bashy magazine is ready to 'tek it to dem' (2018)

cbc arts - bashy magazine gives some much-needed gravitas to how the media sees Jamaican culture (2018)

now magazine - bashy magazine plugs into the Jamaican diaspora (2018)

toronto star - canada right to support caribbean hurricane reconstruction (2017)

rolling stone - usain bolt: what the world's fastest man means to jamaica (2016)

noisey - toronto Is a long way from sharing a cultural space with caribana (2016) 

the fader - how drake’s toronto patois inspired this weekend’s best meme (2016)


cbc metro morning - the value of joy (2017)

cbc news - crisis or opportunity? your thoughts on Hamilton's changing identity (2017)

erin macleod's 'fake patwa?' research timeline (2017)

amp lab - views on the 6: toronto, drake, and multicultural appropriation (2016)

madamenoire - working In retail really is hell for black women (2016)

piqd - wie hat die schwarze frau zu tanzen? (translated from german: how did the black woman dance?) (2016)

the undefeated - daily dose 1/28/16 (2016)


akimbo - sanctuary inter/rupted at xpace cultural centre (2018)

the void academy - void spotlight: ten artists doing awesome things on the internet (2017)



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