Advocacy Work

Below are some Jamaica and Caribbean-based political, social and cultural causes that I have been made aware of. As some of us may not have the financial means to donate, there are alternative ways that the organizations have indicated where additional assistance can be given.


The Tambourine Army is a social justice movement that was formed out of an urgent need to advocate differently for the rights of women and girls in Jamaica.

To learn more about their cause, or to find out more ways you can help, email or visit their GoFundMe page. Feel free to also follow the #TambourineArmy hashtag on all social networks to see user-generated coverage of the most recent march in Kingston.

Read more about the Tambourine Army in my VICE Impact article.


Volunteers, Lawyers, Writers, Organizers, Event Planners, Funding

you can also help by purchasing a unisex tambourine army cuff 

Chattabox Indiegogo

This Campaign is to help the AUTHENTIC Caribbean culture be experienced in the mainstream by helping to improve the quality and viewership of an already established Caribbean talk show web series.

looking for:

Funding, Sharing Indiegogo page on social media (Twitter, Facebook)


Being the only crisis and women's shelter in the country, Woman Inc. hopes to keep their services running at a temporary location while their permanent location undergoes seven months of renovation.

To donate to their cause, and to see a financial breakdown of where your dollar goes, visit their You Caring page.  



I'm Glad I'm A Girl Summer Camp

The “I’m Glad I’m A Girl” Summer Camp by the Women of Mary Seacole Hall, signifies their desire to improve the situation of girls in Jamaica. We believe that educating and empowering girls is the only strategy to ending poverty and societal alienation.

The camp is designed to teach young girls about the importance of finding and nurturing their voice, expose them to laws, agencies and organizations which protect the rights of girls, paying particular attention to their sexual and reproductive rights.

Looking for: